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Without the Hassel

Don’t have the time or desire to learn how to own/manage your own real estate?

We work with individual retail and high net worth investors who want diversify their portfolios with cash flowing real estate. We serve them by identifying and securing (curating) quality assets for purchase and allowing them to invest alongside of us.


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Build wealth in 4 ways: 

Cash Flow
Tax Savings
Investment Process

1: We, as a group of individual investors, purchase a property using a single-purpose LLC (limited liability company).


2. Our securities attorney drafts the Operating Agreement. The entire process is governed by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission).

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3: We all receive a pro rata share of the income, profits from sale and tax benefits.

Value Add Process

Acquire value add communities in well located markets that are supply constrained and have strong employment and demographic trends

Investment-Process-Velocaity Capital.JPG

Reposition by fixing problems unique to each asset through renovation and/or managerial, operational, or financial


Refinance to return a portion of investor equity and mitigate interest rate risk


Cash Flow from a profitable operating company for several years.


Dispose of the performing asset via opportunistic sale while generating maximum returns for investors.

Your Benefits:
  • Direct ownership in a physical asset without the hassles and liability of land lording

  • Ownership in institutional class properties

  • Results that exceed traditional equity investments over the long term

  • Stability in volatile market cycles

  • Consistent passive cash flows

  • Passive income streams

  • Portfolio diversification

  • Hedge against inflation

  • Tax benefits


Investing in real estate, the right way, can supercharge your net worth, create a passive income and produce generational wealth.


I have experienced firsthand the weight of managing multi $MM projects in large international businesses as well as in my personal real estate portfolio. Combined with my passive investments in over a dozen syndicated properties, over the past 8 years, I have learned how to be selective with my prospective property purchases, conservative in how I underwrite them, and transparent in my communications with investors.

Our Opportunities are Chosen With the Utmost Care

My 25 year background in project and financial management in the corporate world, coupled with my experience with Financial Independence through real estate, contribute to my ability to find the best opportunities. I vet each opportunity extensively and only a few properties make the cut each year.


Even passive investors benefit from learning the nuances of multifamily investing.


Become a confident passive investor through 1-on-1 mentoring.

Take your investing and knowledge to the next level.

Steeve Breton is top notch in every way. I’ve had the pleasure of having him as both a coach and an investment sponsor. In both aspects he has been fantastic.


Steeve is a wiz with numbers and able to quickly cut through the noise to get to the heart of the story behind a property and determine what is and is not a great deal. There's nobody in this business that I trust more… To boot Steeve is a great guy with a huge heart for others. Highly recommended!"

– Matt Rose

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