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For The Passive Investor

  • Earn passive income while you sleep

  • Grow your net worth

  • Create generational wealth

  • Achieve financial independence and freedom

Steeve is a full time investor who successfully retired from his corporate career using these time tested real estate investment strategies and he's passionate about helping others do the same.

With a decade of experience and uniquely accelerated success in real estate investing, Steeve has been invited to speak nationally at conferences and is frequently interviewed on real estate and financial independence podcasts.

As a coach, he is uniquely qualified to help investors understand real estate both from a passive and active investing perspective.

“Steeve is not only a knowledgeable coach and mentor as a real estate investment professional, he is also one of the fiercest friends and kindest hearts that I know. Working with him has been invaluable and it is my pleasure to attest to his real estate investing, coaching, and mentoring skills.”

– Amber Peel

Steeve directs investor’s enthusiasm into building practical skills and developing a solid understanding of conservative investing strategies. Through this process they become better prepared to reap the rewards of responsible investing for years to come.

3 Criteria To Vet A Passive Investment
#1: The Sponsor

First and foremost you must assess the credibility of your investment partner. Do you know, like, and trust this person or have they been referred to you by a trusted source? Are they experienced and credible? Are they aligned with your morals and ethics? 

#2: The Market

The next thing to consider it the investment location. You can have a great sponsor with an excellent property, but if the deal is located in an under performing market, you’ll be fighting the tide the whole investment period.

#3: The Property

Finally, we assess the property business plan and deal structure. Doe the plan make sense? Are the underlying assumptions conservative or aggressive? Is the deal structured in a way that aligns sponsor and investor interests?

Investing in real estate, the right way, can supercharge your net worth, create a passive income and produce generational wealth.
Coaching & Training Calls

If you’re interested in individual coaching on how to confidently assess passive real estate investments, Steeve offers hourly based coaching. There are no up front commitments or fees. You’ll only pay when you feel you have received tremendous value from our call.

Click below to preview a sample page from our customizable coaching outline. We can cover the information at a high level in one call, or cover it more deeply in three to four calls.

It is completely up to to you.

Winning at Passive Investing
Whether you invest with Steeve or somebody else, you need to know how to assess opportunities to ensure your investing success.
Click to see a sample coaching outline.
The content can be personalized to suit your goals and investment experience.

You can choose to cover the information at a high level in one call, or cover it more deeply in a few calls.  

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