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Deal Criteria

Partnership Value


As co-sponsors we can assist with any of the following:

  • Loan guarantor:  Net worth and liquidity

  • Experience: Multiple 300+ unit deals with Fannie and Freddie

  • Securities documents and compliance

  • Escrow account(s) for capital raise

  • Co-sponsor branded portal

  • Deal / entity structuring

  • Tax Strategy and Preparation

  • Asset management

  • Investor Relations

Capital Solutions

  • Capital raise: Up to $8mm

  • In-house loan brokerage

  • Preferred equity relationships

  • Short term loans to assist with closing


Property Criteria

  • A or B Class: 1990s or newer in A or B class neighborhood

  • Neutral to Positive Leverage:  Loan rate < cap rate, or clear path w/in 1 year

  • C class only compelling if positive leverage day one and clear path to 1.25 DSCR w/in 12 months

  • Growth market (past and projected population, jobs, rents)

  • Must be 3rd party managed by a reputable management company

  • Will consider development with a warrior who is a developer or is well connected to one the developer on the project.

  • If Student housing:  Above criteria plus:

    • School enrollment must have positive enrollment trends

    • Must be within 1 mile of campus

    • No heavy value add/renovation


We Are Not Interested In:

  • Condo structures or part of a larger property unless we are in control of the association.

  • Hotel or office conversion to MF.
  • Restaurant or retail unless it is part of a mixed use development and there is a national credit worthy tenant with a long term lease.

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