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We’ve done the work so you don’t have to.


If you’re here you are likely tired of the stock market and relying on something completely out of your control.


If you’re unsure about what your retirement looks like with stock market investments, Real estate may be great option for you.

Getting started in Real Estate might be intimidating but we’re here to make it simple and mitigate your risk.

We’ve partnered with over 100 individuals like yourself to invest in real estate and create passive income.
Over 30% of investors have invested multiple times.

The Velocity Capital Team

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Steeve Breton (MBA), President

Steeve has invested in over 3,500 apartment units and has diverse real estate experience. He has built a strong network of seasoned real estate professionals and trusted advisers.

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Drew Breton, Debt & Acquisitions

Drew joined Velocity Capital as Director of Debt and Acquisitions in 2022. He has prior experience as a multifamily syndication analyst and has brokered $75mm of multifamily debt for clients since graduating from UCONN with a degree in Real Estate Finance.
My Story

Investing in real estate, the right way, can supercharge your net worth, create a passive income and produce generational wealth.


I invest in every deal that I offer to my clients and partners. When I have an offering I send it to everyone, including my parents, friends, and neighbors... and I won’t do a deal that isn’t good enough for me and my closest friends to invest in.

Is your ultimate goal Financial Independence?

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As an average guy working a corporate office job and coaching my kids’ soccer teams, 2008 launched an awakening about my financial future.

The Great Recession revealed the truth about my seemingly safe corporate job. The company I worked for was acquired which led to cuts, layoffs, and a general sense of unease in the company. While my corporate position felt secure, it was clear my financial future was not.

I witnessed the demise of my hard-earned retirement and investment portfolio. Although the Great Recession damaged my portfolio, it set me on a path to find a better way to diversify my investments and build financial security for my future.

This pursuit led to a conversation with an older gentleman who opened my eyes to the many benefits of investing in real estate. Like many, I read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and that led to the belief that real estate was the ideal path to expand my portfolio and build financial security for my family.

Slowly I liquidated my stock portfolio and started purchasing small apartment buildings in the Boston area. With the accumulation of 16 units in three short years, it appeared I was well on my way to growing a recession resistant portfolio, but hadn’t learned the important difference between financial security and financial freedom.

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