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Phoenix 1 & 2

Phoenix I & II is a two property portfolio located in Lexington, KY. It includes a 72 unit and 10 unit building.



Phoenix I & II is a two property portfolio located in Lexington, KY comprised of a 1964 built 72 unit building and a 1974 10 unit building. This is a stabilized asset with historically high occupancy and great cash flows.



Maximize rent potential and investor returns through capital improvements to enhance overall appeal and marketability in a neighborhood that was well above the condition of this property.



Our business plan includes the following improvements.

  • Bring in a well qualified property management company to better manage all aspects of operations and greatly reduce expenses.

  • Renovate all unit interiors and Improve exterior appearances to attract higher quality tenants

  • Bring rents to market levels in-line with the neighborhood to drive revenues up by over 20%

  • Implement Green Program to reduce water and electricity consumption by >15%

  • Bill back remaining utility expenses


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